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Domplatz (Cathedral Square) was first mentioned as "ante gradus" in a 1293 document.

Blick auf den Erfurter Domplatz, im Hintergrund der Dom und die Severikirche

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It has been known as Domplatz since 1945. It is the largest square in the city and is said to have served as a market and trading place since as far back as the 8th century. Domplatz is still the venue for a variety of markets and other events. To this day, the locals have also been calling it Gradenmarkt or Vor den Graden. These labels relate to the Graden ("gradus" - Latin for "step"), an impressive stair that rises to the Dom (Erfurt Cathedral) and Severikirche (the Church of Saint Severus) . The unique ensemble formed by these two churches and the wide stair with its 70 steps leading up to Domberg (Cathedral Hill) provides a breathtaking setting for the Domstufenfestival, an annual musical event that is held on the cathedral steps and has gained an excellent reputation throughout Germany. An obelisk erected in 1777 in memory of Friedrich Karl von Erthal, a former Archbishop of the Electorate of Mainz, and the Minervabrunnen (Minerva Fountain) from 1784, are two truly eye-catching sights at Domplatz. It was not until 1813 that the square reached its present-day size. In that year, French troops, shelling the area, destroyed the buildings in front of the Church of Saint Severus.