Optimum transportation conditions - Start from pole position

The intersection of two major trade routes in Erfurt was mentioned as early as AD 768. It was here that the Via Regia east-west connection crossed with the old "Völkerstraße” running from south to north. Situated at this junction, Erfurt was not only of interest in terms of trade and industry, but also from a military perspective, given its favourable geographic location, and it was from these origins that the logistics industry has recently begun to emerge.

Cost-reduction pressures mean optimum quality and quantity when planning and executing logistical processes and they are today more crucial than ever for logistics service providers. The co-operation between the storage and transportation of goods is established based on the existing infrastructure. Thanks to Erfurt’s central location, the city’s road, rail and air connections ensure short, rapid routes within Germany and Europe.  

The A4 and A71 highways, the state roads B4 and B7 and the "Erfurter Ring”, with its twelve junctions, also contribute greatly to this.  

Erfurt’s freight transportation centre includes a state-of-the-art train terminal for combined cargo to connect Erfurt’s excellent infrastructure with the futuristic rail network. As a link on the east-west route between Frankfurt/Main, the Ruhr area and Halle, Leipzig or Dresden, and on the north-south route between Berlin and Munich, Erfurt is a railway hub in the ICE network and rail transport network and guarantees short routes. Being part of the Trans-European Network (TEN), Erfurt assists with fast connections between the Baltic and Mediterranean seaports.  

The transport infrastructure is rounded off by Erfurt’s airport. With its 2,600-m-long runway, and 24-hour and all-weather air traffic (category III b), it is perfect for passenger and cargo transportation. Air and road hubs for worldwide express freight shipping connect an international cargo plane network with Thuringia’s roads.  

The education facilities here also underline Erfurt’s capacities as a logistics-friendly location. The department of traffic and transportation at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences and the two associated institutes "Verkehr und Raum” (Traffic and Space) and "proTUL” (Institute for Production, Transport, Handling and Storage), whose main area of research focuses on "intelligent logistics”, particularly help to teach specialist skills and develop innovative solutions. Combined vocational training and academic degree programmes in logistics are offered by the Adam Ries College of Higher Education in Erfurt and the Gera University of Cooperative Education.  

Thuringia’s logistics network supports resident logistics companies with specialist staff recruitment, logistics services, co-operations with businesses and universities, and marketing activities.