Microtechnology and photovoltaics

Cleanest manufacturing conditions - Special applications in the smallest of spaces

When semiconductor components started being produced in the first clean-room complex in 1966, the "Funkwerk Erfurt” became the main producer of integrated circuits in what was then the GDR, thus giving rise to three modern chip factories, with research centres, here in the 1980s. Inspired by scientific, technical know-how and the specialist potential, a number of other high-technology companies also established themselves here after 1990.  

Today, Erfurt’s technology services cover microsystem engineering and microelectronics, sensor technology and photovoltaics. The businesses act independently on the markets, but also successfully benefit one another as part of co-operations and networks. The Erfurt Research and Industrial Centre (FIZ), and the cluster initiatives "Mikro-Nanotechnologie-Thüringen e. V.”, Solarlnput and Solarvalley Mitteldeutschland attest to the excellent partnerships, and help Thuringia develop into one of the world’s most important solar industry hubs.  

Erfurt-based photovoltaics companies, together with companies from the Erfurt-Jena-Ilmenau technology triangle, which includes the Erfurter Kreuz and Arnstadt locations, cover the entire value-added chain for photovoltaic systems. They also produce and conduct research in the areas of solar heat, crystalline silicon technology and thin-film technology.  

The universities and universities of applied sciences in Erfurt, Jena, Ilmenau, Weimar and Nordhausen offer special Bachelors and Masters courses to guarantee the availability of young specialists in the future. The main focus areas here are semiconductor technology, photovoltaics and renewable energy.  

The CiS Research Institute for Micro Sensor Technology and Photovoltaics, the IMMS Institute for Microelectronics and Mechatronic Systems, and the Application Centre for Micro-System Engineering (AZM) shorten the transfer between economics and science. As the first independent test laboratory for solar modules in central Germany, the "solar test lab” run jointly by the CiS Research Institute and the Thuringia Technical Inspection Agency also stands for verified quality, while the annual Bauhaus.SOLAR conference and the Erfurt Technology Dialogue provide innovative ideas and stimuli. They link current global issues with Thuringia’s resources, and particularly with the high-technology region that is Erfurt.