Despite the legal entanglements result from the new system after 1990 involving the re-privatisation of numerous real estate and accommodation units, the provision of homes has still managed to recover quickly in Erfurt. Between 1993 and 1996 more than 4,600 apartments were built at 20 different locations throughout the city. Additional house building activities have already begun.

The increase in inner city (re)building on vacated industrial areas due to the closure of empty sites has also played an important role in the re-building programme. Complex redevelopment and restoration work in the historical city centre, in the residential areas of the "Gründerzeit" (1880 - 1914) and in the industrial style housing blocks of the late twenties has provided high quality living space for people in Erfurt and has contributed to the present favourable housing situation. There is now a great variety to choose from in the housing market offering both top-quality accommodation and flats at very reasonable prices.