City of good cheer

Nächtlicher Blick auf eine beleuchtete Gaststätte der Stadt Erfurt.
Picture: © Stadtverwaltung Erfurt

Historical and cultural traditions alone do not make a city - Erfurt is also proud of its traditional hospitality, its simple, but tasty cuisine and its stylish service. In the old part of the town, restaurants with centuries-old traditions, historical, unspoilt taverns and medieval beer cellars and beer gardens all help to create an atmosphere unique to this city during the summer months. Erfurt is famous for its Thuringian "dumplings", its famous Thuringian ‘Bratwurst‘ and its delightful local beer.

Both Mediterranean and Asian cuisine are part of the Erfurt gastronomic scene giving the city an international dimension. All over the city whether you are in the city centre itself near the historical parts such as the cathedral, the Petersberg and the "Krämerbrücke" bridge or near the airport and railway station or even in the heart of the "Steigerwald" forest, you will find comfortable accommodation suited to your individual requirements.

The old part of the city with its winding alleys, numerous bridges and peaceful squares is well worth visiting on foot, but the Erfurt-Card and special tickets save the tourist a lot of time as Erfurt has one of the most up to date local traffic systems in the whole of Germany. The more romantically inclined visitor can enjoy the special historical tram tour of the city or see the city by horse-drawn coach.