City of innovation

Blick in die Produktionseinrichtung einer Compurterchipfabrik.
Picture: © Stadtverwaltung Erfurt

Owing to the advantages of the city’s location, the state capital of Thuringia is still continuing its centuries-old tradition as the economic centre of the region. Erfurt became an important centre for microelectronics under the former planned economy which was dominated by massive concerns. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Erfurt has continued to grow as a centre for the high-tech industry. The healthy balance of Erfurt’s traditional engineering, building and building materials industries, horticulture, craft and a diversified service industry is now complemented by Erfurt’s status as a centre for microelectronics and micro-technology.

Erfurt is quickly developing into a city of innovation with the help of the new technology centre, the applications centre for micro-systems technology and the foundation and application centre for media, which is still in the planning stage.
Many call centres for international companies are now dealing with their customers directly from the heart of Germany.

The technology triangle of Erfurt-Jena-Ilmenau, the attractive conditions for new enterprises, the proximity of universities, the trade fair centre, an effective traffic and transport system and modern communications infrastructure all offer excellent facilities for enterprising new companies.