City of parks and recreation

Ein Mann liegt entspannt auf einer Parkbank. Im Vordergrund ist ein See zu sehen.
Picture: © Stadtverwaltung Erfurt

Arnold the historian described the view of Erfurt as ‘uplifting to the spirit’ when he was approaching the city from the Thuringian Forest “with the view of the welcoming valley and the  majestic, ancient city.” This city situated in the ‘green heart of Germany’ still continues to amaze the onlooker with its beauty. Alongside vibrant city life and culture, Erfurt has numerous green areas for relaxation and recreation.

More than 9,000 small gardens together with the numerous parks and green areas form several green belts that surround the city in concentric circles. In the various parks (Brühler Garten, Luisenpark, the Dreibrunnengelände and the municipal park) you can enjoy peace and quiet, read a book or simply listen to the bird song. You can discover many idyllic beauty spots along the banks of the Gera with its numerous water courses. You can see Erfordians jogging and skateboarding in the nearby "Steigerwald" forest where you can simply enjoy the delightful natural surroundings or follow the nature trails. The city has almost 2,000 hectares of woodland.

Other beauty spots include the Ega with its magnificent garden displays, the zoo and its gardens or the many lakes around Erfurt which are open to bathers in the summer. If you venture further afield around Erfurt, you can enjoy the open-air concerts at Molsdorf Castle (baroque), at the medieval castles called the ‘Drei Gleichen’ or at the moated Kapellendorf Castle.