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Fischmarkt (Fish Market) is considered as the historical centre of the city.

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View of fish market and town hall
Picture: View of fish market and town hall (freeze frame) Picture: © Stadtverwaltung Erfurt

As its name suggests, Fischmarkt was formerly a market were fish was bought and sold. It is located at the point where the trading routes passing through Erfurt intersected. For this reason, it did not only play an important role as a market and trading place, but it was also the centre of public life. Consequently, it was later chosen as the site for the merchants’ hall that is regarded as the predecessor of today’s City Hall. Just opposite from City Hall, there is a column erected in 1591. It carries a warrior’s statue. Even though this figure is popularly known as "Roland," it does not represent the well-known symbol of a free imperial city and of jurisdiction. Rather, this monument was to show to the world that the city and its council were prepared to defend themselves against outside enemies. Fischmarkt is lined by a considerable number of historical buildings, such as the magnificent Haus "Zum Roten Ochsen" (Red Ox House), which was built in 1562 by wine merchant Jakob Naffzer and now features an art gallery. Equally worth mentioning are the Haus "Zur Güldenen Krone" (Golden Crown House) (1488 to 1564), Haus "Zum Güldenen Löwen" (Golden Lion’s House) (1740) and the Haus "Zur Halben Eisernen Tür" (House with a Half Iron Door).